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Blog 16/10/2012

Three new future features for BAM 12c


At Oracle OpenWorld some great planned features where indicated for Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring). Some of these have been long awaited like multi browser support. No release date was given for 12c except the statement that it would be in the calendar year 2013.

Tighter integration with OBIEE

Current versions of BPM and BAM allow you to report to BI tools using the BPM STAR Schema views to export the data gathered during the execution of processes. In the upcoming 12c version there will be tighter integration possible towards OBIEE. Allowing you to move through continuous monitoring, current state analysis and strategic analysis. The enhanced integration will enable you to define dashboard both in BAM and BI.


Improved availability and scalability options

On the non-functional requirements side, from 12c on it will be possible to run BAM in Active-Active mode. This also allows for more scalability options. Here we see that the requirements for reporting on processes and the availability of these reports have grown with the maturity of the underlying software.

Multi-browser support for BAM

To create these great BAM dashboards Oracle was still using VML. VML is a Microsoft and Macromedia specific XML language to produce vector graphics. That is what bound BAM to Internet Explorer. For years the statement has been that “Browser independent functionality is on our roadmap for a major release in the future”. Now that multi-browser support has been announced it seems thay have moved to the open standard for vector graphics is SVG. This also opens up BAM for access from mobile devices.


BAM Dashboard example

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