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Blog 20/10/2015

NoSQL quick 101 with Oracle NoSQL v3.4


Since I wrote my Whitebook “What is NoSQL And How Do I Use It” (sorry only in Dutch), some things have changed. Also I found out some things were not quite clear.  One of those confusing things, is that in the examples I call my host “weblogic” (the host I used in my demo), but when kvstore runs locally, it can be replaced by “localhost” .

I went through the examples with NoSQL 3.4 and Oracle JDK 1.8, en that resulted in the following steps for a working solution:

$> java -jar lib/kvstore.jar kvlite &
$> java -jar lib/kvstore.jar ping -host localhost -port 5000
$> javac -classpath lib/kvstore.jar:examples examples/externaltables/*.java
$> java -classpath lib/kvclient.jar:examples externaltables.LoadCookbookData -store kvstore -host localhost -port 5000 -nops 10
$> java -Xmx256m -Xms256m -jar ./lib/kvcli.jar -host localhost -port 5000 -store kvstore
kv-> connect store -host localhost -port 5000 -name kvstore
kv-> get kv -all;

Does the example above work for you? Please leave a reply if you encounter errors or problems with this approach.

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