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News 21/01/2022

A flying start(up) under the umbrella of House of Talents


You have an idea. You’re ready for your own start-up. Starting your own business is quite an exciting step. But there is so much to do: from writing a business plan to registering your company at the Chamber of Commerce. You also need start-up capital to put yourself on the map and invest in things like a suitable brand identity, visibility to your target group, and items like laptops and other electronics. And that’s not all: you not only need customers but also employees. Is your head spinning yet?

There’s another way! Do you have an innovative idea for your start-up and want to launch it in a professional environment? House of Talents makes this possible with no need for you to contribute your own resources. We are the ultimate breeding ground for talent. Every year, several Business Managers start a company under our umbrella and then take the helm. We provide you with all the resources and knowledge you need to achieve your own success. House of Talents:

  • has 20 leading companies and a well-established reputation in the Netherlands
  • is experienced in launching start-ups and scale-ups
  • offers professional staff services, including Finance, Office Management, Systems, HR and Marketing
  • has an extensive customer network that will help you quickly become a commercial success
  • has experienced Business Managers who are happy to brainstorm with you
  • guides you so you can get off to a successful start · has trademarked the term ‘midlancing’, which you can use

Last year, we launched no fewer than four start-ups: companies that have already built a team and become profitable.

Would you like to expand our range of companies with a start-up in your niche market? Get in touch at office@houseoftalents.nl.

Want to know more about House of Talents or one of our companies? Contact us!