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The advantages of the midlance structure

OG Fallback

You enjoy the freedom you have as a freelancer. You do your work in your own way. But you’re less interested in the ‘side issues’ like acquisition and administration that take up a lot of your time behind closed doors. It would be great if that could be handled differently. That is exactly what we do with our midlancers: we relieve you of all the added commercial and administrative tasks so you can fully focus on your work.

A fixed salary in your account every month

A freelancer’s income is never certain. You’re dependent on your clients’ payment habits and you can never be sure of a regular income. If you’re unlucky, you might have to wait months for your invoices to be paid. You also have to keep a close eye on the outstanding invoices.

As a midlancer, you’re employed on a permanent basis and receive a salary on a fixed date every month. Even if you’re not sure how many hours you will work that month, you’ll still receive a salary and any surplus will be paid out properly. Your salary will also be much higher than a market salary elsewhere in permanent employment. You receive 70% of the amount we bill to the client.

Holidays whenever you want

As a midlancer, you decide how many days off you want each year. You are not tied to a minimum or maximum. One person might want to work as many hours as possible to save for a new car, while another might want to take two months off to travel with their family through Asia. In other words, maximum freedom is guaranteed


No hassle with hours and payments

As a professional, you want to be engaged in your profession, the work you enjoy and excel in. You can forget about the red tape. And as a freelancer, you’re responsible for balancing your books, tracking your outstanding invoices and filing accurate tax declarations. Our back office frees midlancers from this responsibility. We ensure correct processing of salaries and legally required contributions. You have nothing to worry about and you receive what you are entitled to every month.

More information (in dutch)

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